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Welcome to Moralla, Tidy Town – two years running!

Rebecca Moore, the most beautiful, talented girl in town is dead and there’s nothing tidy about it. It seems everyone in this sleepy hollow is breaking bad and something has to be done. Why was she on the Princes Highway at four am? What could lure her there and how will the town cope with the series of events set in motion by her shocking departure?

When Rural Liberties, a maverick, moral foundation sets up unconventional sexual retreats on Moralla’s fringes and TV’s longest running reality show recruits the town’s number two beauty, the stage is set for one of the most diabolical and outrageous moral coups ever.

If what happens in Moralla stays in Moralla then what will the new arrivals bring and what will they leave behind? Rebecca is watching from the wings as the moral compass goes haywire and a bold new era of debauchery and enlightenment is set to begin.

Rural Liberties is a fiery cocktail of  innocence, gender,  corruption and lust in the homeliest of places; small town Australia.


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Virgil Mann is an Australian editor working in London who, via an unseemly brush with fate, has just become a publisher. Good luck? Bad luck? It’s too early to tell. One thing is certain—nothing in his past has prepared him for the events about to unfold.

Delia Lloyd is on the precipice and her days as a TV anchor are numbered while her CEO spouse, Anthony, has a dirty little secret that could ruin them all. Their son Wesley is ready to blow the world apart with teen angst while in sun scorched Ibiza, a gold-digging beauty and the heir to Britain’s largest retail fortune are about to bring the party season to a shocking and chilling end.

What could one blow-in Aussie have to do with all these events and personalities? More than he’d ever expected and far more than he would like!

It seems everyone in Britain wants to be a winner but there are no prizes for second. Life’s luxuries are plentiful at the top of the food chain for those who get there, but is it really worth the struggle? In a world where nothing is what it seems, everyone and everything is up for grabs. In the autumn of 2000 many species are endangered—and it seems truth is the rarest and most threatened of them all.

It seems forever that Israel (Izzy) and Evangeline (Eve)—a gay man and his female soul-mate —have lived together while the city around them crumbles. He’s an erotic cartoonist; she makes exotic jewellery and works as a receptionist in one of the whorehouses in their raunchy neck of the woods. She collects clippings about unsolved murders of women from lurid newspapers and is a rational, tippling, cynic who also has flashes of psychic ability. He’s an ageing party boy who’s been getting more and more into metaphysical reading and exploring heightened states of mind through S&M sex clubs and a peyote-like drug called silt that’s permeated the gay community. Silt causes a ‘shift,’ which takes the user to a different reality.

When gay men of a certain age (‘Prime Cuts’) start disappearing without a trace, and then Izzy goes missing, Eve must summon her greatest powers—intuition and sex—for a journey through bars, sex clubs, a dungeon, mysterious dream messages, and several jolting silt trips in an effort to grasp what’s happened. Along the way, a complex portrait emerges of the relationship between two erotic outlaws.

Part thriller, part ghost story, part satire, Izzy and Eve is at once edgy, seedy, wild, sensuous, mysterious, ominous and hopeful.


Part I: Je Louse, 1999

“Beware of ex-lovers with quills”, warns the preface of Elliot Bernard’s new novel Je Louse.

Blaise spent six torrid years with the world-famous novelist, but left him for Woodrow. Now it would seem that Elliot Bernard lives happily with another man in New York. But could the author be seeking revenge upon his previous lover in his latest roman à clef?

Blaise feels compelled to read the book — however painful it may prove to be — and his jealous lover doesn’t like it one bit, no sir-ee. But neither Blaise nor Woodrow know what lies in store for them. Sometimes books can change your life forever; some can even blow your mind. Je Louse is going to do a nice job of both.

Part II: Gridiron, 2004

Seventy-year-old Rose Elliot sits in her son’s apartment contemplating the release of his autobiography. Rose never wanted to be in a book, but like it or not, she’s in this one. She’s a simple country woman who never quite fathomed why the Lord blessed her with a son like Elliot Bernard. Cake baking and needlepoint are much more her forté.

“I think Gridiron was his greatest achievement”, someone says with a laugh. Rose overhears and wonders what they’re talking about. She couldn’t remember a book with that title, and Elliot always hated sport as a boy. Having a son who wrote books like Elliot’s has not been an easy thing for Rose. Still, she’d like to know more about Gridiron. Be careful Rose — there are some things a mother has the right not to know. Gridiron is one of those things.

Three men who share a stunning art deco mansion have their lives tossed into turmoil when, during a typical evening of mild excess, one of them is set upon by a gang of gay-bashing teens. The arrival of the other two sends most of them scattering, but one of the bashers is accidentally killed in the ensuing struggle. Now the three have a body to hide and secrets to keep – not an easy task when the pregnant girlfriend of the dead teen shows up at their house looking for her missing beau. Not to mention a handsome, naive, and too curious houseboy, whose arrival has already upset the household’s dynamic, and a next-door neighbor and good friend, a woman with appetites of her own. When passions run riot in a house that hides too many secrets, it isn’t long before everyone’s had it up to pussy’s bow, and something disastrous is sure to happen.

Vaslav is a boy with a sordid past and a tenuous future. Born ‘Johnny’ to a drug addict, prostitute mother in Brighton England, Johnny becomes Vaslav when, at age seven, his mother dies from a heroin overdose and a passing stranger brings him to a very different life in Australia where he passes him off as his own son.

It seems the seeds of ruin lie deep within Johnny’s genes however and all the luxuries of an elite life at the pinnacle of Sydney’s art world cannot protect him, or his new father from the perils of the past.

Glove Puppet is a modern-day twist on Oliver Twist and a harrowing illustration of how the best intentions can lead to the worst results.