Critical Acclaim




‘Drinnan’s writing seems so effortlessly sparkling and delicious that we are in danger of overlooking what an elegant master of prose he is. This book is witty, naughty and a real pleasure to read but it also has steely purpose. There’s a real bite here, and a sense of a talented writer at the top of his form.’

Christos Tsiolkas

‘Loved it! Loved the setting, the schlocky reality TV show, the orgies and the cast of thousands. A true skill is at work here. People will love this!’

Belinda Castles

‘Neal Drinnan’s wicked novel is a masterful mashup of TV pop culture, small town gossip, straight-boy sexual savagery, adult-relationship confusion–and, charmingly, a lonely queer lad’s hormonal lusts. Its satire is both seductive and perceptive, a delectable combination.’

Richard Labonte


‘In Rare Bird of Truth Neal Drinnan manages to combine humour, irony and occasional cynicism to give us a probing view of sexual cultures at the turn of the century. A fun read that’s also a fascinating insight into modern Britain, with an anthropologist’s eye for the strange customs of contemporary publishing and tourism’ –Dennis Altman

The Age: Melbourne

Rare Bird is an outrageous frolic, a comedy of manners in a world with none. Full of snappy, sardonic dialogue and risqué action, it glories in a camp sensibility…if you’re after something footloose, funny and dark, his latest book delivers’.– MX

‘Drinnan’s latest novel is a thoroughly enjoyable romp. With archly camp cynicism he juggles his vast array of characters extremely well.’ – Graeme Aitken DNA

‘This novel is a rare bird – it features the characters and page-turning qualities of a classic summer holiday read but is written with an intelligence, substance, and wit that the genre seldom exhibits. Sydney author Neal Drinnan’s latest book, Rare Bird of Truth is required summer reading! Dive into the misadventures of Virgil Mann, an Aussie editor working in London, who discovers the insatiable beast lurking beneath the genteel facade of English high society. This deliciously wicked romp has lashings of sex, money and glamour, and bears Drinnan’s trademark wit. Highly recommended!!

–GQ Sydney

Neal Drinnan, author of Rare Bird of Truth and a bunch other racy moral thrillers, knows the publishing world inside out and back to front. His latest book may not be quite the elaborate costume drama of The Devil Wears Prada or the musty affair of 84 Charing Cross Rd but the scope for betrayal and suspense is as broad as the scope of fiction itself. The demarcation lines between people’s public personas and their private lives has always brought seeringly real scenarios and perceptions to his stories but this time, Drinnan has spliced all the ingredients together for a real pot-boiler. Sex, scandal, murder and mayhem with plot twists that will knock the wind right out of you. It is these ingredients that make this author’s books the guilty pleasure so many readers have come to love. Like Chuck Palahniuk or Irvine Welsh, Drinnan’s imagination dishes up horror, heart and humour with a plot to keep you guessing until the end. ­–Toni Whitmont: Booktopia


Drinnan has fresh Gen-X intellectual punch.

—LAMDA, Jay Quinn

Glove Puppet is one of the most exciting literary debuts for some years.

—OUTRAGE magazine

A black comedy of manners, an inverted Jane Austen … Drinnan writes with verve, economy and wit.
—Big Issue

Johnny-Vaslav is one of the few literary adolescents as robust and intriguing as Huck Finn. Hip, intelligent, sexy and racy as Hell. —Booklist-starred review

An impressive work. Imaginatively drawn and psychologically vivid. —The Australian Review of Books


‘One of the most talented and enjoyable writers of this decade, Drinnan has that beautiful ability to write in fluid diaphanous layers … Drinnan easily stands high and proud next to the likes of E. Annie Proulx’. —Campaign Magazine

‘If you are slightly vacuous and don’t read much, you will finish Pussy’s Bow with a sense of accomplishment but if you’ve read the classics then this book may sit proudly alongside them.’ —Capital Q, Lance Leopard 

Drinnan’s mettle is to prod the soft parts of our collective consciousness with a painfully sharp quill.
—Blue magazine

The writing is tricky and transgressive, it’s never just barefoot in the park with Drinnan.
—Sydney Star Observer

A sort of gay Kathy Lette, Drinnan has a sharp eye for the ridiculous both social and sexual. His writing has all the hallmarks of Lette’s. It is chaotic, glib and gorgeously funny.
—The Sydney Morning Herald


‘With his ability to stir up attitudes so feverishly and so cleverly, Drinnan has already earned himself a place among Australia’s most incisive, stimulating and important creative artists.
’—Cream magazine

’It is a novel that thematically reaches further than his excellent earlier novels, Glove Puppet and Pussy’s Bow and yet contains the characteristic Drinnan eye for the small details that constitute life.’
—The Sun Herald, Matt Condon

‘And Neal Drinnan? It’s been a while since we’ve had a real literary star emerge and he’s it.
’—Sydney Star Observer

‘Drawing on themes of forgiveness, love and the impact of reputation on families and partners, Drinnan has written his best work to date.’ —The Age (Melbourne)

‘Quill is a compelling read, packed with economic detail and precise, apt descriptions. Drinnan expertly weaves between time frames and the many different stylistic devices. His characters are full-blooded and believable … Drinnan is certainly a writer who has found his stride.’ —The Age (Melbourne), Crusader Hillis


‘Alternately funny and fascinating, and ultimately quite moving, this is quite simply Drinnan’s best book to date.’
—D. Travers Scott, 

‘There is a prophetic aura that percolates through Izzy & Eve … I read it in awe and in envy. It is affecting, surprising and utterly inspired.’ —Justin Chin, author of Gutted