Rare Bird of Truth


‘The hedonistic rhythms of turn-of-millennium Britain beat from every page with the promise of power, money and sex, and yet Rare Bird of Truth is as funny and tender as anything Drinnan has written. Compellingly plotted, brimming with life, it’s impossible to resist its dark pleasures.’ — Belinda Castles, Vogel Award Winning Author of The River Baptists

Virgil Mann is an Australian editor working in London who, via an unseemly brush with fate, has just become a publisher. Good luck? Bad luck? It’s too early to tell. One thing is certain—nothing in his past has prepared him for the events about to unfold.

Delia Lloyd is on the precipice and her days as a TV anchor are numbered while her CEO spouse, Anthony, has a dirty little secret that could ruin them all. Their son Wesley is ready to blow the world apart with teen angst while in sun scorched Ibiza, a gold-digging beauty and the heir to Britain’s largest retail fortune are about to bring the party season to a shocking and chilling end.

What could one blow-in Aussie have to do with all these events and personalities? More than he’d ever expected and far more than he would like!

It seems everyone in Britain wants to be a winner but there are no prizes for second. Life’s luxuries are plentiful at the top of the food chain for those who get there, but is it really worth the struggle? In a world where nothing is what it seems, everyone and everything is up for grabs. In the autumn of 2000 many species are endangered—and it seems truth is the rarest and most threatened of them all.